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25 October
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Angela Berlinde ( Angela Mendes Ferreira) was born in Oporto, Portugal, in 1975, and graduated from Uminho University in 1998 in Law. In 2002 she received an MFA in art direction from the University of Fine Arts Oporto. During this time her work evoluted from black-and-white Indian Portraits to more personal and narrative color still-life imagery.
Since 1996 her still-life photographs have been exhibited in one-person exhibitions through out Portugal.
In 2003 she received a MA European Media Master in digital Photography in Holland. Utrecht school of Arts : www.hku.nl

Berlinde’s work is in the collections of Mário Sequeira Gallery, Portuigal, Foam Photographic Museum of AMsterdam, the Museum of Fine Arts Sound and Image, Ceará Brazil.

She is responsible for the art directon and photography projects in Brazil.
and she is teacher of Photography on the University of Fine Arts Oporto, ESAP Portugal.